CAMCOR takes delivery of a new tool

Out with the old

A crew recently removed a decommissioned 10,000 pound 3T Siemens Allegra MRI from Straub Hall. The 11-year-old head-only scanner was replaced with a Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra 3T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner capable of performing whole-body scans. The new magnet is housed in the Robert and Beverly Lewis Center for NeuroImaging (LCNI) in the Lewis Integrative Science Building. The old machine, which is no longer supported by Siemens, is being scrapped.

In with the new

CAMCOR Director Kurt Langworthy stands by as a worker unloads a new FEI Helios 600i Dual Beam Focused Ion Beam instrument in preparation for its installation in the Lokey Laboratories. The tool, used for imaging, nanofabrication, analysis and sample preparation is the final piece of a suite of tools secured through UO's partnership with FEI, which began with the Titan 80-300 electron microscope in 2007.