Office for Research, Innovation and Graduate Education releases 2012 Oregon Research Annual Report

EUGENE, Ore. — Feb. 4, 2013 — The University of Oregon’s office for Research, Innovation and Graduate Education (RIGE) has released its annual report for 2012.

Along with data on impact, economic and otherwise, the report includes stories on the personalities behind research, innovation and graduate education. Some of the highlights include:

A few of the research news stories and big developments that made headlines such as:

  • The opening of the new $65 million Robert and Beverly Lewis Integrative Science Building, designed from the ground up for interdisciplinary research. The Lewis Building will encourage even more collaboration across departments and represents the future of research excellence at the UO.Numerous grants and awards, including a recent partnership for innovation award from the National Science Foundation to accelerate the commercialization of inorganic nanoparticle technologies, and an award from the Department of Education to fund new courses and enhancements to the Latin American Studies (LAS) Program and Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies (CLLAS).

Stories on faculty members who excelled on a number of fronts:

  • Chemistry professor Geri Richmond was appointed to the National Science Board by President Obama. 
  • Scientists with our Center for High Energy Physics played a pivotal role in the recent discovery of what could be the elusive Higgs Boson particle.

The ways in which UO research continued to yield innovations that create jobs and support a higher quality of life for all Oregonians. The economic impact of research can be seen in a number of ways:

  • UO received $8 million in licensing income from UO innovations in Fiscal 2012, representing our highest return on research innovation (8.9%) to date.
  • Sponsored expenditures in fiscal year 2012 totaled $121.7 million. Research creates jobs for the people who live in our communities, pay state taxes, and send their children to our schools.
  • UO faculty members were awarded $110.6 million in grants and contracts for 2011–12.

Numerous profiles of UO faculty members who demonstrate excellence in research every day, including:

  • The team of researchers in the BioBE Center that is leading the way in a hot new subspecialty.
  • A researcher in the college of education who is envisioning a more thoughtful approach to modern global education.
  • A biology professor who is untangling the neural circuitry of the visual system to explain how we “see.”
  • The team behind the Paisley Caves discoveries that are providing new insight into the earliest North Americans.
  • A UO spinout capturing the attention of drug manufacturers with its microfluidic device.

To view a PDF of the report, click here.