Discovery & Innovation

Where a major earthquake and the Northwest are concerned, the question isn’t “if ”—it’s “when.”
Nov. 18, 2013
The new META Center will pioneer research into host-microbe systems biology.
Nov. 18, 2013
Hallspot, a startup composed almost entirely of UO undergraduates, is gaining attention from potential investors.
Nov. 13, 2013
Shannon Boettcher is developing solutions to create more efficient fuel sources.
Nov. 7, 2013
How does the next generation of breakthrough products and brands get established?
Oct. 31, 2013
After probing the volcanic fields of the Yellowstone hotspot, geologist Ilya N. Bindeman says a massive, climate-altering volcanic eruption is at least a million years away.
Oct. 11, 2013
UO faculty were part of the team that confirmed the existence of the Higgs Boson.
Oct. 8, 2013
UO chemist Brad J. Nolen and graduate student Luke Helgeson demonstrated how biochemically distinct activators work to give cells their shape.
Sep. 3, 2013
The recently launched center will give rise to collaborations that address environmental challenges in new ways.
Jul. 30, 2013
Smoking during pregnancy appears to be a prenatal risk factor associated with conduct problems in children.
Jul. 25, 2013