Recipients of the 2013 Incubating Interdisciplinary Initiatives (I3) Award

Research, Innovation and Graduate Education (RIGE) congratulates the recipients of the 2013 Incubating Interdisciplinary Initiatives (I3) Award:

  • Chris Bone, Geography, “Drivers of the Beetle Empire: Understanding the Coupling of Climate Change and Forest Management in Bark Beetle Outbreaks,” with team members: Patrick Bartlein, Geography; Daniel Gavin, Geography; Allen Malony, Computer and Information Science; Cassandra Moseley, Institute for a Sustainable Environment. Award amount: $49,969.
  • Patricia Dewey, Arts and Administration Program, “The Role of Arts Programs in Fostering an Organizational Culture of Patient-Centered Care and an Environment of Healing in Hospitals and Hospices,” with team members: Pranjal Mehta, Psychology; Josh Snodgrass, Anthropology; Kristin Yarris, International Studies; Laura Zaerr, School of Music and Dance. Research will take place at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center, RiverBend and Samaritan Health Services’ Center for Health Research and Quality. Award amount: $50,000.
  • Jeffrey Sprague, College of Education and Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior, “PRIDE: Positive and Restorative Investment in Discipline Reform in Education,” with team members: John A. Inglish, Technical Assistance and Consulting Services; Erik Girvan, School of Law; Claudia G. Vincent, Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior. Award amount: $48,499.
  • Richard Taylor, Physics Department and Material Science Institute, “Fractal Interconnects as a Generic Interface to Neurons,” with team members: Darren Johnson, Chemistry and Materials Science Institute; Miriam Deutsch, Physics and Oregon Center for Optics; Cris Niell, Biology and Institute of Neuroscience. Award amount: $50,000.

The I3 awards furnish twelve months of funding to support the research projects listed above. These four awardees were chosen from a pool of fifteen applicants.

Applications were reviewed and considered by a group composed of faculty from the Research Advisory Board and key RIGE staff members who made recommendations to the Vice President for Research and Innovation for final decision.
“The submissions we received for this award program provided significant evidence that interdisciplinarity is integral to the way UO researchers view and address major challenges in all areas of life – from health care to the environment to education. I have great appreciation for the faculty members and staff on the review group for their thoughtful consideration and comments on each proposal. These reviews were essential to the decision-making process. I also appreciate the teams who submitted proposals,” said Kimberly Andrews Espy, vice president for research and innovation. “It was gratifying to our office to receive so many outstanding proposals.”
The I3 award program is new this year. It aims to foster interdisciplinary research groups at UO in support of developing of large-scale projects. I3 partnerships emerge from shared research interests across UO departments and colleges, and are developed with an eye towards external funding opportunities, UO’s institutional strengths, and academic priorities. Partnerships may also include external institutions of strategic importance. Awards were distributed to teams that span academic divisions: natural science, social science, education, law, arts, music, education and two external organizations.

More information about the 2013 I3 Awards and other programming offered through Research Development Services can be found at

To view the abstracts for funded I3 projects, visit the Announcements page on the Research Development Services website.